May 25, 2005

Writer on the move? Don't forget this.

I moved about three years ago and thought I'd taken care of all the little details. You know, the relatives, the bill collectors, junk mail producers...all the important stuff you want to reach you in your new digs. The one thing I didn't do, or even think of, was to let the publishers who had bought some of my stories over the years know where I was going. Who would? At that time, it had been a couple years since I'd sold anything, so you can't really blame me for not thinking of it.

Well, over the past few weeks I re-did my website (ain't it purty?) and in the process of doing up a new Publications page, I decided to nose around the online bookstores and such. Maybe I'd find a nice picture of the books I could use on my site, or maybe they had a nice write-up from the publisher I could use, putting off my carpal tunnel meltdown by a day or two. So, I hit the usual spots: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. And I couldn't believe what I found!

Most of the publications my stuff were in not only had new editions out (which means new royalty checks that were going to my old address), but one of them actually had an audio cassette version! Somebody out there had read my story and people were listening to it. The mind boggles, I tell ya. Just boggles. There was also a new UK edition of one of the books with a supercool new cover. Kicks the US versions ass by a

Anyways, so I've gotten the publishers current address from one of my co-authors in a couple of the books and I'm in the process of straightening this all out. The part I try NOT to think about is how many anthology invites and such I missed out on. Let's not go there.

So the moral, I guess, is if you're a writer and you've ever had anything published, NEVER EVER MOVE! Or, if you want to be all rational and stuff, include your past publishers in your change of address card deluge. I know I will from now on!

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