December 17, 2005

Seven Sevens

There's a meme going around the Blogosphere called Seven Sevens. I thought it would be a cute little list to post here, but as it turns out, it was hard as hell to construct. In any case, here are my picks:

Seven Things to Do Before I Die:
1) Write full-time;
2) Publish a novel;
3) Write & Direct a screenplay (preferably the same one);
4) Write a thriller based in Canada that's actually thrilling;
5) Learn to play guitar/piano/bongos;
6) Finally lose "the weight";
7) Go into Outerspace (this may have more to do with becoming weightless than being an adventurer -- see #6).

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1) Sing;
2) Fight;
3) Read all of the books I buy;
4) Go to bed early (no matter when I have to get up);
5) Be on time (#4 and #5 seem to be strangely connected);
6) Be a golf pro (even if I do buy new clubs and try really really hard);
7) Only eat part of a Ben & Jerry's pint.

Seven Things that Attract Me To My Wife (or significant other):
1) Her sense of humor and ability to be silly (silly is grossly underrated in today's world);
2) Her love for movies where things go boom (or come from space/out of the ground and then go boom);
3) Her ability to fight back (especially against me);
4) Her organizing/scheduling skills (of which, I have none);
5) Being the mother of the most incredible creation in Earth's history;
6) Her understanding of what's required to be married to a writer (especially when he's not writing);
7) Her love of books.

Seven Things I Say Most Often:
1) Whatever.
2) Dude.
3) Actually.
4) Watch what you're doing.
5) What did I just say?
6) Stop making your Mother crazy.
7) Right on.

Seven Books (or Series) I Love:
1) John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee series;
2) Ben Bova's Moonrise and Moonwar;
3) Robert R. McCammon's Stinger;
4) Martin Cruz Smith's Gorky Park;
5) Joseph R. Garber's Vertical Run;
6) Dan Brown's Deception Point;
7) Frederick Forsyth's The Day Of The Jackal.

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again:
1) Die Hard;
2) Back To The Future;
3) Raiders of the Lost Ark;
4) Matrix (just the first one);
5) War Games;
6) Any Sean Connery James Bond flick;
7) Tremors.
This was the hardest list of all to limit to seven. I love movies and if allowed, this list would probably be 50 items long. I've tried to keep the list to not just the movies I love, but the ones that I actually do watch over and over.

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