December 23, 2006

Anthology Sale Redux

Just after Christmas last year, I posted about an anthology sale I'd made just before Christmas. I called it my Christmas Present 2005. Well, it happened again. The funny thing is, it's the same anthology.

The anthology, of course, is the one I've been blogging about all year called Room 636. There were a lot of promises along the way which didn't seem to pan out. But I just found out from the editors that the anthology has now sold to a publisher and will appear in 2007 with "national interest". At the moment, that's all I know. More details are promised once the holiday season is over.

I'll keep you posted, but I'm definitely feeling more positive about this situation than I have in the past. Maybe it's just the Christmas spirit fogging my common sense, but I'm going with it.

Happy holidays!

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