April 12, 2009

Stir Crazy

After spending several hours every day, for over 5 months on a project, working on it starts to become second nature. But of course, you don't become a writer by working on the same project endlessly until you suck dirt.

So my novel is now in front of my beta readers, a small group of people I trust to get their feedback and impressions. In fact, they've had it for almost a week. Thing is, this "free time" on my hands is about to drive me CRAZY.

Sure, you can work on a new book (which I tried to do), but part of you knows there's at least one more draft of the book coming and doesn't want to allow you to let go of it. I AM champing at the bit to move onto another project, but I'm at that weird point where you just have to sit very still so the procrastination wolf doesn't see you. :)

Thankfully, this little phase should only last a week or two. And next week I'm participating in Nathan Bransford's "Be an Agent for a Day" contest, so that should be fun.

But tonight? I'm about to lose what's left of my itty-bitty mind.

(serenity now...serenity now...)


Anonymous said...

I don't think you could have said it better.
And the same applies to me.

I just finished and I KNOW that if I pick it up and re-edit it without taking a break, I will just plain out and out rewrite the whole damn thing.

I don't have any picked out beta-readers yet. I'm not sure I'm ready.
What I need to do at this point is something physical, build a wall, put a new floor in,hike the Grand Canyon.

I've been out of body now for a year and a half.

Martin said...

Wow, do I hear that. Part of me wants to build that gate I've been putting off, but another part wants to start working on a new book. If I was really smart, I'd do both.