May 13, 2009

Rough Day

After a day of no email activity at all, I got 4 form rejections today. Well, three to start out, then one in minutes on the queries I sent out to replace the rejections (I try to keep a constant number out there.) Some days just go like that.

It occurs to me that the initial query submission stage is like tossing slightly damp paper towels against a window. Sometimes you have to keep tossing new projectiles to replace the ones that didn't stick at all. Sometimes they look like they're sticking, but then they'll fall off and take a couple others with it on the way down. So far, if you can get them to stay for a week, they seem to be sufficiently dried and glued to the window. Until the agent monster comes along and busts the whole damn window, of course. ;)


Ricky Bush said...

Cool analogy there, Martin. Throw some similar stuff at those agent monsters. They'll have to sit up and take notice. Anyway--

Alicia Walker said...

Maybe we should start a blog and call it Agent Monster. Then the writing community can all vent on it. Quick question cuz I'm curious. Since you're published already, don't you have an agent you worked with before? Are you shopping for a new one? Did you self publish? It's awful you've got to start back at square one. Sorry, if I'm being nosey. Hey, I'm going to the BEA at the end of the month. I'll bring you back all the gossip from the agents and tidbits from the seminars. Add some Superglue to your paper towels!

Martin said...

I've never had an agent. My sales have all been short stories to anthologies and such. No agent required.

Hey, I'll take any info I can get! Have fun at BEA. I'm thinking about going to Thrillerfest in July in New York. Not sure yet. Let's see what the next few months of querying do to me, first. ;)